Mechanical assemblies at the heart of the innovation

Extended submission deadline: 2021, May 3!

In all industrial sectors, the performance and reliability requirements imposed on components and structures require innovative and adapted assembly solutions.

Whether it is a question of severe stress, service life, reliability, safety, energy savings or environmental protection, design, conception, production and maintenance practices are challenged. Optimization requires innovative materials, integrated functions, high-level techniques, and even data mining.

The development of numerical tools, in addition to know-how, capable of modeling these assemblies is often a key point for design and innovation support.
The issues related to Industry 4.0 require to take into account the technological and numerical evolutions of connected objects and information exchange. In the near future, it is possible to consider an interconnection between different industrial activities that will open the way to emerging fields (studies in an immersive environment, flexible production, real-time control and monitoring, preventive maintenance, connected embedded security...).

This is why, following the success of the first three, this fourth colloquium will focus on modern mechanical assemblies.

This colloquium is conceived as a place of exchange between industrials on their practices and a place for mixing academic and pragmatic approaches.

The peculiar sanitary circumstances of this year already lead us to be cautious about the conditions of hosting the conference, which will take place in presence as a preferential way, but will make it possible to adapt to the constraints of the moment.

Save the dates: July 1st-2nd, 2021 at Supméca! 


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